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Invigorate Your Health with A Relaxing Spa

Treat yourself takes on a whole new meaning with an unforgettable unique Spa experience. Plan to spend extra time basking in an authentic Greek legacy experience with one of our bathing ceremonies, allowing you to lounge in a healing jacuzzi as your body is repaired.

Our experienced therapists embrace the healing and rejuvenating power of the Dead Sea's minerals as traditional healing techniques are revealed through signature treatments. Enjoy massage, mud therapies, Aromas and rituals of the East, Holistic therapies, Detox therapies and stress relief therapies.

Choose an Artemis or Aphrodite experience and discover the secret of her eternal beauty. Travel back in time to discover the secrets that only the most pampered royalty ever knew.

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Rivage - The Lekka hotel & spa


Natural Dead Sea Minerals

Our Spa uses award-winning Rivage products, known for their top quality, in order to provide you with the absolute best high-end services. The essence of Rivage is their main active ingredients, a combination of Dead Sea Salts and minerals that have been used to bring out a natural shine to and glow in complexions for centuries throughout China, India, Africa and Latin America.

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